In the age of Anthropocene, we carry on the legacy of being the cause of both destruction and rehabilitation. Addressing the intricacies of these dual roles, we delved into the nuanced dynamics that unfold whenever we endeavor to solve complex problems. The fluidity inherent in art, craft, culture, and design enables us to play pivotal roles in effecting change globally, fostering connections between humans, nature, and everything in between.

Within this edition, we embrace two sub-theme discussions, Systemic Design and Transmateriality. The first theme delves into the principles of systemic design, uniting experts in the fields of sensemaking, intervention design, co-creation, and systems thinking to explore the challenges and opportunities for designing solutions to complex problems in a range of sectors. Second, we discuss transmaterial as a multifaceted concept with its nature to emphasize the value of sustainability by challenging the artists or designers during the process and promoting the use of environmentally-friendly materials that can be constantly recycled or biodegraded.

Published: 2024-01-31