The Indonesian Design Journal (JDI) is an open journal—managed by the Indonesian Industrial Product Designers Alliance (ADPII)—that focuses on publication of research in general design fields, either as result of traditional form of research activities or design works.JDI is published twice a year, January and September.


The Indonesian Design Journal (JDI) aims to build and strengthen all academic nuances related to design fields: product design, industrial design, interior design, visual communication design, textile design, craft, fashion design, and other notable fields of design that produce artifacts. All received writings shall be based on process of making (or creation) of artifact, creative analysis, design research result, concept and ideas, application of theory and method, philosophical opinion, or book reviews.   


The scope of the Indonesian Design Journal (JDI) are—but not limited to—as follows:

  • Social and cultural aspects of Design.
  • Design Methods, Approaches and Processes.
  • Design Management and Strategy.
  • Craft and Design.
  • Design Education
  • Ergonomics of Design.
  • Design History, Theory and Philosophy
  • Design and Materials.
  • Interaction and User Experience Design

Criteria for Publication

In order to be published in the Indonesian Design Journal, a manuscript must meet the following five criteria:

Originality of writing.
Clarity of applied methodology.
Background description that shows the importance of the findings.
Relevance to design practice
Use of new references (preferably within the last 5 years)

Recommendations for results of review are as follows:

  • Manuscript accepted
  • Manuscripts require improved writings
  • Contents of manuscript need to be reviewed
  • Manuscript rejected

Until now, the Indonesian Design Journal is supported by the Department / Product Design Study Program of the institution

  1. ISI Yogya
  2. ITATS
  3. ITB
  5. ITS
  6. ITSB
  7. POLNES Samarinda
  8. STIKOM Surabaya
  9. Trisakti
  10. UKDW
  11. Univ Pembangunan Jaya
  12. Univ TELKOM
  13. Universitas Esa Unggul
  14. Universitas Trilogy
  15. Ubaya
  16. Universitas Ciputra
  17. Universitas Prasetya Mulya

 ISSN Online: 2684-7760