The Study of Visual Elements in Promotional Photos of Local Fashion 'Cotton Ink' Products on Instagram

  • Ekariana Fitrina Irawan Institut Teknologi Bandung


The tightness of fashion business competition in Indonesia, has made not all local fashion brands acceptable or survives in the market. ‘Cotton Ink’ in one of the local fashion brands that is able to compete and became popular.The documentation study states that Instagram is the most effective online promotional media in the ‘Cotton Ink's marketing process, and is able to increase product sales. This study aims to examine the visual photos of 'Cotton Ink' on Instagram in terms of the visual elements of photography. The research was conducted using qualitative descriptive methods and content analysis. Data collection techniques were carried out by observation, focus group discussions, visual documentation studies of Instagram photos, and literature studies. Data were analyzed using visual analysis and using a general theoretical approach to photography and fashion.  From the research results, it is known that the visual photos of ‘Cotton Ink’ on Instagram has fulfilled the visual elements of photography, and it has received a positive response from consumers. The visual elements of photography studied include color tonal, type of image, direction of camera view, photo object, background, composition, accessories, and clothing attributes. By utilizing the visual elements of photography in every photo upload, it makes consumers have visual interest and fosters purchase intention for the product. This shows that the use of photographic visual elements in every photo upload on Instagram can be used as an effort to strengthen the digital marketing strategy of fashion products in the era of industrial revolution 4.0. currently.



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