Experiential Learning in Visual Literacy Education Using Instagram (Case Study: Visual Journal Assignment, Visual Literacy Subjects Semester 2017/2018 DKV Itenas)

  • Wuri Widyani Hapsari Institut Teknologi Nasional
  • Aditya Januarsa
  • Ganis Resmisari
Keywords: experiential learning, visual literacy, instagram, sloan consortium.


Social media is often regarded as a digital platform that only revolves around everyday network communication media, such as for the need to fill spare time or establish connections with colleagues and family. But along with the growing popularity of the blended learning model, the use of social media in the realm of education is increasing from year to year. In general, the classification of social media for the needs of the learning process can be divided into two categories, namely as a source of content, as well as a means of coordination or communication between students and lecturers. In this experiment, Instagram was tested as a medium for delivering material in learning. The experiment was applied to one of the Visual Literacy courses in the second semester, namely Visual Journal based on the Experiential Learning model. After the experiment was conducted for ten days, student responses were assessed through the five pillars of the Sloan Consortium. The results obtained are fulfilling aspects of satisfaction from both students and teaching staff in using Instagram media on the process and learning outcomes, so that Instagram as social media proves able to increase student motivation in achieving learning goals.


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